Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2014 An overview and plans for 2015

The following is an article I had submitted to our local newspaper to be included in the business overview section that ran February 25 & 28.  For some reason this did not run.  I am running it on my facebook pages and blogs so my readers can see what is happening with the clock shop and clock works:

Pine Knoll Clock Shop
Dorrin K Mace, Horologist
1749 Mercer Grove City Road
Mercer, PA 16137-6333
Ph. 724-748-4058

 2014 was phenomenal for PINE KNOLL CLOCK SHOP.   We saw the repair and restoration portion of the business greatly increase.  House calls grew exponentially over an already record setting 2013.   The shop has completed over 30,000 clocks, has had the honor of being asked by The University of Pittsburgh to restore a treasured 1845 tall case clock located in the historic Chancellors Residence, and has been approached by the current caretakers/owners of the historic “Mushroom House” in Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh, PA to recreate clocks that have gone missing from the residence over the past 90 years.  Dorrin worked with Carnegie Mellon University to locate original architect’s renderings and photos of the interior to complete this historic restoration.   The Slippery Rock University Institute for Learning in Retirement approached Dorrin about teaching/leading classes on clocks.  Dorrin will instruct 3 classes during the spring, 2015 semester on “Clock History and simple clock maintenance”.   Readers can contact the SRU /ILR if they are interested in attending these classes.
 Not one for idle time, Dorrin is rolling out a new venture in 2015 that augments the clock repair business.  Tested in limited markets for 2014, the new business idea was well received and will be put into full operation in 2015.  This new and greatly anticipated venture is called PINE KNOLL CLOCK WORKS, a division of PINE KNOLL CLOCK SHOP. 
 PINE KNOLL CLOCK WORKS creates hand crafted  14th century design wooden gear clocks; Arts & Crafts style wall, mantle, and floor clocks;  upcycled clocks crafted from antique/repurposed tin ceiling and roof tiles, utilizing wood from salvaged pallets, flooring, and deconstructed buildings;  unique clocks crafted from antique and vintage china plates augment the mix.   As the clock repair business typically takes more than 70 hours of his time a week, Dorrin knew he would not be able to properly grow PINE KNOLL CLOCK WORKS without assistance.  With that in mind Dorrin’s oldest son Brooks is helping in the carpentry/woodworking portion and his wife Patricia is helping in the sales portion; truly a family affair!
 Dorrin has an additional business passion and is opening the third portion of his business, PINE KNOLL APPRAISALS, in 2015.   Having completed certification as an antiques appraiser, this is a logical extension to his other undertakings.   Dorrin is frequently asked to appraise clocks and antiques that come into the shop, thus he decided to complete his education to become certified in antique appraisals.  Dorrin is a certified, bonded, and insured antiques appraiser.  
PINE KNOLL APPRAISALS will be opening for customers in mid-2015. 

PINE KNOLL CLOCK SHOP is open Tuesday through Friday 10am-5:30pm and Saturday 9am-1pm.  House calls are scheduled Saturday 1:30pm-7pm and Monday 8am-7pm. 
Please stop and see us during business hours, call us at 724 748 4058.  Or visit/email at  Read Dorrin’s blog,, join the greater than 1,000 visitors this blog receives each week or find us on facebook.

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