Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
The Clock Man in a pensive moment

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Planning, Reflection, Growth, and THANKS

Quit the interesting month at Pine Knoll Clock Shop…

In a typical year I repair and/or restore 1,000 clocks for my customers.    In addition to that number, I restore 50 or so clocks for sale in my shop and build 100 or more from scratch for sale in the shop.  This year the intention is to restore 200-300 clocks for sale and build 400-500 clocks (I have help with the building this year as we have rolled out a new division of Pine Knoll Clock Shop called Pine Knoll Clock Works, but more on that in a later post)
Yet with all of this work and experience (I have been doing this since 1981) I have people that are amazed I “can make a living” at this.  I have people even more amazed that I actually can have so much production and plan on increasing production for the New Year. 
I have always been one to push the envelope, to build vision, to dream.  Sometimes, my wife pulls me back to reality, but I believe she understands I need to keep growing, evolving and learning to keep being what my customers and associates call “THE Clock Man”.
2014 saw a lot of changes regarding clocks in my area of Western Pennsylvania.  Three local clock shops closed due to lack of business while my shop experienced a record amount of business and customers/future customers through the doors. 
This is a great feeling for me.  Yes I am sad that the other clock shops closed, but honestly the work I saw coming from them was questionable at best.  Am I a perfect repairman?  The short answer is no.  No one is a perfect repairman.  When dealing with mechanical items, sometimes things just do not go as they should, the correct response to this is to rework the repair until it is correct, do not just give up.

What predicated this post is work I have currently in the shop.  I have several antiques on the floor for repair that, prior to being attacked by poor repairmen, had a good value.  These examples have had their movements damaged so severe that 90% of the movement will need replaced.  (one is a wood works movement that has been oiled, screwed together, double stick tape used to hold it together.  It would be laughable if it were not so catastrophic) Yes I will do sympathetic restorations to these cases and the movements, but they will no longer be antiques in the true sense of the word, these will be restored, married pieces with a greatly diminished value;  A shame really as one is from the late 1700’s and was a rather nice piece until it met with a poor repairman.

So yes this has been a month of reflecting on my work, planning the growth of my business, while staying true to my standards and still progressing.  I am proud of my work, my God given abilities, my reputation, and my legacy.  I enjoy that I have clocks shipped to me from all over the United States and several points around the world.   I want to pass this business onto a new generation one day that will keep my standards and reputation in place as they continue to serve their clients.  I am truly a happy and blessed man with a great family and business and I continue to thank God for this every hour of every day!

I hope all of you continue to follow my posts as new developments, growth, and expansion occur.  There are greater than 1,000 of you that read y blog per week and to all of you I say Thank you!!

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