Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Christmas in the Woods 2015

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Sep 18, 2015, 12:23

It is a beautiful day in rural Western Pennsylvania. As you stop at our antique farmhouse along Route 58 one can hear the call of Westminster Chimes followed by the melodious sounds of hymns playing on the carillon that is located in our shop. It is 10am and time for PINE KNOLL CLOCK WORKS to open the doors and greet the customers. Dorrin Mace is the owner, the head designer and constructor of every unique piece.

In 1969 Dorrin’s maternal grandfather passed on and the estate was going up for auction. This property had been in the family of Dorrin’s mother since it was acquired by the family shortly after the revolutionary war. Each building full of cast off pieces from the main house; one held a vast array of clocks. Dorrin was hooked once he saw this wonderland of nonfunctioning time pieces. Building his first clock
in 1969 (a crude piece of pine, cork, and other cast offs), Dorrin subsequently began in earnest learning about clock repairs. Pouring through repair texts, taking correspondence courses, online courses, and finally completing his course work with the British Horologic Society, Dorrin never stops the quest for knowledge. A true horologist ( and Dorrin is a true horologist) has an understanding of engineering, metallurgy, classical design, a respect for history and a desire to complete a repair as sympathetically and correctly as possible. One never wants to alter the original fabric of the piece, just correct and repair the errors of the past and the ravages of time.

Pine Knoll Clock Shop opened 20 some years ago concentrating on repairing and restoration of clocks as well as selling new, vintage, and antique time pieces. Dorrin had wanted to
begin making a line of clocks but was so busy with the repair business the time didn’t seem right. Having customers shipping in clocks from around the United States and internationally, restoring cherished time pieces for families and many historic pieces from the old Jos. Hornes Department Store in, Pittsburgh, PA, The University of Pittsburgh, Slippery Rock University, Historic Harmony, PA and many more, time just never allotted itself to the opening of a new business.

Changes took place a few years ago; Dorrin made the decision to charge on with opening PINE KNOLL CLOCK WORKS and decided the company should build clocks from as much recycled, up cycled and repurposed materials as possible. ALL of the wood on the cases of the clocks is recycled/repurposed. The tin pieces are either damaged pieces from manufactures or salvaged from antique buildings. The accent knobs as well as the hour markers are all repurposed items.

The designs of all pieces are dependent upon what is available; each item is a unique work of art; all though some will be similar, no two will be alike. The arts and crafts style floor and mantle clocks are inspired by originals that have come into the repair shop for restoration. The wooden works clocks are inspired by 14th century originals Dorrin took measurements from and reproduced. The up cycled line features tin accent pieces as well as vintage furniture hardware and many other found objects. Dorrin has a true passion for his clock making and enjoys every new venture. Always on the lookout for unique items to craft into clocks, Dorrin transforms vintage china plates, antique 78rpm records, even traffic light lenses, window sashes, and old shutters into useful time keepers.

“I thoroughly enjoy my chosen path and feel it is more than a job, it is a calling. I come in contact with so many wonderful customers that become friends and I affect so many lives with the clock restoration and clock building that I cannot see myself ever retiring. I will slow down I am sure, but never retire.” ~Dorrin Mace

Please stop and visit us on your trip to CHRISTMAS IN THE WOODS or see us in cyber space at ; ; read my blog ; or follow us on Facebook. I look forward to meeting you! Visit me in booth 70.

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