Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
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Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Clock Shop in 2019 and Beyond

Dorrin K Mace, Horologist, Certified Antiques Appraiser

Owner of Pine Knoll Clock Shop & Appraisals

Dorrin began his interest in clocks and antiques in 1969 when his maternal grandfather passed on and the family farm went up for auction.  Nearly 200 years of history was encapsulated in the family house and out buildings; the damaged clocks in the machine shed were the most intriguing to Dorrin.

From that moment, the journey of becoming a clock repairman/horologist began. 

Dorrin began his career repairing clocks and in 2001 opened a brick and mortar store front on Rt58 between Grove City, PA & Mercer, PA.

In the early years Dorrin was dissuaded from following his dream of being a clock repairman as he was told “Mechanical Clocks will be all but gone by the late 1980’s, replaced by everything digital” (These naysayers were wrong as Dorrin works approximately 70 hours a week and sees no slowing of the work in the future)

Clock repair and restoration are a passion of Dorrin, treating each piece as his own.

“The before and after transformation is always amazing to my customers and even to myself” states Dorrin.  Bringing a family piece back to life is a great accomplishment.

Clock repairs, restorations, and clock maintenance are a charge that I take great pride in, continually honing my craft to better serve my customers and clients.  House calls for large clocks are offered within a 75 mile radius of the shop.

In 2014 Dorrin launched his “Green Line”, an offering of clocks that utilize reclaimed and recycled materials in the design and build of the clock cases and dials, earning an award from the reuse council in 2015 for innovative design for furniture

The increased popularity of the Green Line clocks has led Dorrin to build a great online presence and finally begin work on creating an inviting online market place.   Look for the launch of the store on this spring.

Having a keen interest and eye for antiques has prompted Dorrin to complete his education in antiques as well as completing course work to be a Certified Antiques Appraiser in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.  Dorrin is please to offer his expertise and services to his clients to complete appraisals on their clocks and most household antiques.

What is ahead in 2019 for Pine Knoll Clock Shop & Appraisals:

1.       We will begin our podcast on clock stories, repair tips, and curiosities.  We have several international guests lined up that will give their take on clocks, repairs, and problems from all around the globe

2.       Expanded production and Launch of our online market of our Green Line Clocks

3.       Remodeling/resetting of our showroom and repair areas to allow an expansion in the offerings of our clocks, antiques, and curiosities.

4.       Continuing education to ensure he hones his skills to offer the best repairs and sympathetic restorations to his clients.

5.       Expansion of our offerings of clocks for Professional Groups/Business awards

Please stop and visit us at 1749 Mercer Grove City Road ~ Mercer, PA; Ph 724 748 4058

Shop hours: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 10-5:30; Sat 9-1

Visit us on Facebook; the web:; or my blog:

Emails can be directed to:


  1. Really love your insight! We at Clock By Room really have an appreciation for unique and interesting clocks. We also love to talk about clocks so if you ever want to do that, feel free to contact us!

  2. Will do. I am working on a catalog of clock offerings for business customers,
    I will send you over a copy when completed.


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