Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
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Friday, May 26, 2017

Oh that DUSTY Cuckoo Clock!

We repair a lot of cuckoo clocks at Pine Knoll Clock Shop.  A lot as in a few hundred a year.
Most times the Cuckoo Clocks arrive with a thick layer of dust on them because the owners are afraid to, or do not know how to, clean the woodwork.  I understand all of the carvings, brikabrak, ornamentation, and animation can be very daunting to approach, and replacing parts you might damage is not easy nor cheap.

To clean the case of your cuckoo clock, you can use canned or compressed air to blow off the majority of the dust.  Do this with caution as some parts might be loose and you could launch them into the next county with the compressed air if you are not careful.

To finish the cleaning of the cuckoo case use a china bristle parts brush like the one shown below.  Carefully brush all of the case to remove any loose dust, dirt, or debris. (such as pet hair)

If using the dry brush gives you acceptable results, great you are done.  If however you want to enhance the appearance of the cuckoo clock or address a dried out looking. lack luster appearance, put a little furniture oil on the brush and go over the case again.  Spray the tip of the brush with the oil, so not flood it until it is dripping.

At Pine Knoll Clock Shop we use orange oil furniture polish or Milsek Furniture Polish.  Many people find the scent of the Orange Oil to be pleasant.  Personally I like the scent of the Milsek Furniture oil that we sell in the shop; we sell the Holiday Oil or Cinnamon/Raspberry scent exclusively as I happen to really like that scent

Cuckoo Clock cases can be cleaned, you just need to use caution, care, and common sense.  Remember if it is not comfortable for you to do, don't do it.  Should you have any questions contact your local horologist.  Should you not have a clock smith available, you are more than welcome to contact me via email at

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