Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
The Clock Man in a pensive moment

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Daylight Savings 2012 for the United States

For 2012, daylight savings time for the United States runs March 11 - November 4.  Make sure you set your clocks back one hour the evening of November 3 when you retire to bed (those of us that are on Daylight Savings Time)

Side note:  My wife's Great Grandfather would never reset his clock for daylight savings time.  He wanted his clock to always be on "God's Time"...  Well Bill (my wife's great grandfather) God has his own time and we don't affect it or cause it to vary. 
(My wife and I now have that clock that Bill would not reset and it is set to EST or EDST)

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