Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Setting your moon dial

Setting Moon Dial

This is the easiest way to set your moon dial.  This is for most modern movements and is a general overview.  Should you have any concerns with your antique or unusual movement, please email me.
  1. Using a calendar, look up the date of the last full moon. Count the number of days past the last full moon.
  2. By applying slight pressure with your hand, rotate the moon disc clockwise until the moon is perpendicular or directly below the number 15.
  3. Turn the moon disc clockwise one click for everyday (24 hours) past the full moon.
The moon dial is now set and will continue to operate unless the clock stops. If the clock stops, the moon dial must be reset when the clock is started again.
Setting Moon Dial

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