Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why is the Clock on Display Set at 10:10

Whenever you see watches and clocks on display at stores you will note that the time is often set to 10:10.  It is not difficult to reset the time on these time pieces, so why are they set to this time?

Much speculation exists  about clocks in the stores set on 10:10 time, where one hand of the clock points to number 10 and the other one is pointing to number 2.  Below are some theories about why the clocks are set to this time.

1.) Clock and watch makers normally if not always, put their logo under the number 12. So placing the hands of the clock to 10 and 2, helps to frame and show the logo.

2.) When we look at the clock and it shows t 10:10, it makes a resemblance to a smiley face. It is better to see it that way, because it can produce a positive vibes at the store and will then increase the sales of the clocks and watches.

3.) Many claim that Abraham Lincoln has a great influence on this because he died at 10:10 pm. But, facts say that he was shot at 10:15 night and died the next morning.

4.) When the hands of the clocks are place at 10:10, the other details are clearly visible as compared to placing it on other numbers. Take note that they don’t place the hands of the clock on one number because both hands of the clock must be visible.

5.) It is thought  that clocks set on 10:10 time looks more symmetrical, therefore it is better for advertisement.

There are other theories as to why these clocks and watches are set to 10:10 prior buying it, but there are other important details you need to consider while buying a clock or watch. So don’t dwell too much on the time display, what’s important is the clock is good quality and functioning well for long term use.

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