Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
The Clock Man in a pensive moment

Friday, December 2, 2011

Memories & Traditions

From October into December we experience our busiest time of year at the clock shop.   Customers are coming in to purchase gifts, clocks or to have their time pieces repaired.  All of these customers have something in common; the respect of traditions and history.  Clocks and timepieces in general have long been a standard in gift giving to mark important passages in an individual, couples or a families lives. 
    When a young person graduates from high school or college a watch is a traditional gift that will help keep this young person on time and in the habit of respecting time and schedules to discipline their lives by.  
    When a young couple marries a traditional gift is that of a mantle or wall clock so that the new couple can mark the passing of time together. 
    When a couple has been married for a period of time, a new home is purchased, or a new level in their employment is reached, a Tall Case or grandfather clock is acquired to mark this occasion.
    Birth of children, anniversaries and many other occasions are marked by the purchase or giving of time pieces so that the event can be remembered.
    Retirement from employment after long and dutiful service is traditionally marked with a gold watch for the recipient to gaze upon and remember and revere the time spent with their fellow employees and company.
    Many of these traditions are often times lost over a course of years.  We often will receive in for repair, clocks that belong to a family member of the person bringing in the piece ,or that have been newly acquired from an antique store, and I will inform the new owner, of the significance of the piece whether a wedding, anniversary or special moment gift to a previous owner.  Many people are amazed to find that these pieces played a large roll in the life of a previous owner and the new owners are more likely to give the item more  respect than they would have prior to finding out the significance of the piece.
    We at Pine Knoll strive to keep the traditions and memories of family pieces alive with careful restoration of all these pieces.  We also offer many antique pieces for sale so that a new owner can start their own traditions.

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