Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Setting up a Cuckoo Clock

Many times people will call me after they have purchased a cuckoo from my self or some other entity and wonder why they cannot get it to run.  I go over everything with my customers when they purchase a clock from me, but to be fair sometimes the excitement of the purchase causes some not to hear everything that is being said to them.  In this post I have included an overview of how to properly set up a cuckoo clock:

Cuckoo Clock Set Up

When you get your cuckoo home please follow the steps below for easy setup and operation.

1. Hang cuckoo on a sturdy nail or screw in the wall. (although the clock itself is not heavy, the downward pressure put on the nail or screw is much greater when the clock is having the chains pulled to wind it and this can cause failure of the nail or screw if it not sturdy enough)
Ensure the cuckoo is located in an area where there is no excessive vibration nor in a high traffic area. (i.e. do not put it beside a door that is being opened and closed several times a day, nor on the wall that has a staircase attached to it)

2. Using a spirit level, ensure that the clock is level right to left and front to back.

3. Hang the weights on the chain hooks.

4. Hang the pendulum on the lead.

5. Push the pendulum to one side to start the clock ticking.

6. When setting the time, 
NEVER turn the hands backwards.
Move the minute hand ahead pausing at the half hour and full hour allowing the clock to cuckoo through.

7. Allow the clock to run for 3 days and after that time, if the clock is running fast slide the leaf down on the stem, if the clock is running slow slide the leaf up the stem.  Adjust only 1/16th of an inch at a time.
Allow 3 days between adjustments.  As the pendulum stick on most cuckoo clocks is wooden, humidity with change the speed of the clock and readjusting will need to be done periodically.

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