Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
The Clock Man in a pensive moment

Friday, September 23, 2011

Evaluating a clock or horologist

I am sure the majority of you have heard the old saying that to get the most from your property in real estate, depends on three words: Location, Location, Location!
    The same type of philosophy can be used when evaluating a clock for value, only the three words we use are: Condition, Condition, Condition!
    At the shop we have many people bring in clocks that they want to sell and are looking for a value, or want to know if their clock is worth repairing.  Its like the Antiques Road Show in here some days.  We have customers that are thrilled with the value of their piece and others that are greatly down trodden with the value of their pieces.
    I ask all people to keep the following in mind when they want to buy or sell a piece as well as, and often more important, when having the item repaired.

1.   Know your market, and seek advice or help from only qualified persons
2.   Go into this with an open mind, but be cautious.  If the person you are dealing with does not appear knowledgeable to you, back away and seek another.
3.   Do not put all of your eggs in one basket, request advice from more than one party.
4.   Ask the person giving you the value on the piece where they are gaining their information from.
5.   Remember, damage to a case or movement can drastically change the value.
6.   If asking the person evaluating your time piece is going to repair it, get qualifications and ask for references.  A good, qualified person will willingly give these to you.
7.   If the person you are seeking to repair your treasure is arrogant or calls themselves an expert, run do not walk away from this person.  If a person feels they are so good that you are not of importance or of equal value to them, they will not do you or your timepiece justice.
8.   Remember, the sting of poor workmanship far outlasts the joy of a low price.

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