Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why this love of cuckoo clocks (one view)

Lilliland Cuckoo Lure                      

    Many times customers will enter the shop and begin looking at the cuckoo clocks.  I find these people are usually of two mind sets, they either are in love with cuckoo clocks and their nostalgic interest, or they hate cuckoo clocks and wonder why anyone would have these atrocities in their homes.  As to why a person likes or dislikes cuckoo clocks has been a question unanswered for years.  In this article we look as a Baron of a small village in Switzerland and see his research and reasoning for the popularity of this style clock is little village.
    Baron Von Lodge was the head of a small country known as Lilliland near Switzerland.  The time is the early 1900's.
    Lilliland was a very popular vacation spot for Europeans and Americans alike because it was nestled between the Alpine Mountains and the large Castle Lake.  It had many fine old hotels and internationally known fine restaurants.
    Lililland had a great number of clock makers for a country so small.  All of the clock makers seemed to make only one type of clock; it was the cuckoo clock.  All the homes in Lilliland and the surrounding area had a least one in each room.
    The Baron often wondered why there were not more of a variety of clocks built in Lilliland.  Why this love of cuckoo clocks, he often wondered.  The Baron consulted with his chief advisor, Professor Hamblin and his fiancee, Lady Angela of Alpine Castle, to see it they could discover a good reason why the cuckoo clock was so popular.  All parties involved thought about the reasoning for quite some time, but no one could come up with a valid reason.
    Shortly after this failed reasoning session, the Baron had a consulting psychiatrist, Dr. Friend come in from Germany to see if the locals were mentally impaired or perhaps even unbalanced.  The good doctor studied the problem in great detail and surmised the citizens of Lilliland were as sane as any other citizens in any other country in Europe.  The Baron was relieved at the results of the doctors study, but the question as to the why the popularity of the cuckoo clock in his little country.
    Finally, the answer came to the Baron; it was very simple.  The reason was that the inhabitants of this little area of the world had not been exposed to the different varieties of clocks that were made in other section of the world.  The Baron Imported several samples of different clock styles.  The citizens came and looked at the different style.  Many of the new clock styles were warmly received by the citizens, and some were even sold.  However in the end the citizens still liked the sound of the cuckoo.  The Baron seemed satisfied to know the reason for the popularity of the cuckoo was the citizens liked the sound and comfort of their traditional cuckoo clock and that they were not mentally impaired.

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