Dorrin K Mace, Horologost

Dorrin K Mace, Horologost
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A few examples of restoration


Pine Knoll Clock Shop offers a full service repair and restoration program.  We can go from changing the battery in your watch up to rebuilding the case and works on your 17th century tall case clock.  Dorrin has been working on clocks  since the 1970's and was self taught for many years.  Within the last 25-30 years he has taken and continues to take many courses on repair and restoration as well as reading and researching dozens of books on clock repair and restoration; he feels that one never stops learning and can always glean additional information continually from classes, books and talking  to other repair men.   Dorrin has authored hundreds of weekly newspapers articles regarding clocks, their maintenance as well as proper restoration and valuation.

Below we show a few examples of restoration before and after.  Dorrin has completed over 10,000 clocks to date, but has just recently started keeping pictoral records.

This is the clock that was mounted on the Historic Jos. Hornes Dry Goods building in downtown Pittsburgh, Pa.  the building is currently home to Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield.   Dorrin was asked to inspect the clock as it hung on the side of the building and see what repairs were needed. It was determined that the clock needed to be removed from the building and transported to our shop in Mercer, PA.  It was upon arrival and inspection that the true scope of the repair became evident.  The clock had suffered years of neglect and hap hazard repairs.  The original plate glass covers had been proken and replaced with low grade acrylic.  The top cover had been replaced with a section of galvanized heating duct, the original milk glass panel on the bottom of the clock, that was designed to light the sidewalk below, had been replaced with fiberglass window screen.  The original lighting for the three faced clock had been replaced with industrial fluorescent, the movements had water and rodent damage and the central control that was once mounted inside the building had been removed and discarded, thus the clock had no way of self correcting and synchronizing the three movements.

Custom computer controlled movements were obtained as well as custom manufactured hands were installed.  The interior lighting was replaced with energy efficient lighting that was more in line with the original design.  The bottom plate was replaced with a white opaque insert and a new centralized control was supplied for installation inside of the building.


This is the street clock for downtown Grove City, PA.  When this time piece arrived as the shop, the dials had rusted through due to water seepage, the movements were damaged by insect and rodent infestation and the interior had water damage.
The original dials were duplicated in an opaque material and internal, energy efficient lighting was installed.  New custom bezels and covers were fashioned and new movements and hands were installed.  The completed project was reinstalled in downtown Grove City and is now the center piece of "OLDE TOWN"


This 19th century parlor clock arrived  in the shop after having spent the past several decades relegated to a farmhouse basement.  The case was cleaned, refurbished and reassembled.  The movement was cleaned and oiled,  and reinstalled in the case.

The completed clock is now proudly displayed in the family home.

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